How Safe Are You?

This page shows you how easy it is for someone to get information about you and your computer. Information like below can be stored to track your surfing habits, invade your privacy, and be used against you.

Located in:
IP Address:
User Agent not recognised.
Operating System: Not Recognised

Located in displays the country that your computer’s signal is coming from. If you look to the right, you’ll also see an even closer aproximation of where you are. It’s not at all difficult to get the location of where a computer’s signal is coming from. Information such as your location could be revealed to an online predator.

IP Address identifies your computer. Every computer that is hooked up to the internet is assigned their own IP Address. Your IP Address is easily recordable when you are surfing the web. An IP Address can be used to track and record your surfing habits. It can also be used to reveal your computer’s location. Your IP Address was used to find the locations that were displayed above.

Web Browser displays the kind of internet browser you are using. While this information may seem like it would be harmless to know, it actually can expose possible security vulnerabilities. Hackers can exploit a security vulnerability in a web browser to invade your privacy, as well as plant all sorts of malicious programs and spyware on your computer.

Operating System shows the operating system that your computer uses. By knowing your IP address as well as what operating system your computer uses, a Hacker can exploit any known weaknesses in your operating system and hack into your computer.

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As you can see, when you are online, your information, security, and privacy, can be at risk. With the information above, someone could track the web sites you visit while you are browsing the web, hack into your computer, invade your privacy, steal your identity, infect your computer with spyware or malware, as well as overwhelm you with SPAM.

To stay safe on the web, it helps to keep your IP address hidden. Hiding your IP address helps to keep your information private and secure. For those that want to stay safe online, Firewall and Anti-Virus protection are a must. For those who want to be even safer online, an Anonymous web surfing program ices the cake..