Public Proxies | Anonymous Proxy Servers

Public proxies v/s anonymous proxy servers
Public proxies work as a kind of browser – they connect the internet user with the internet resources he is trying to access. There are some sites that are more often accessed by an increasing number of people. Public proxies collect the files from these popular sites and store them in unique databases that are also called caches. When you go through a web public proxy server to access the internet, the chosen proxy first searches its own cache for the requested information. If it does happen to have the information in its cache it promptly retrieves it and makes it accessible to you. There is no need to even go to the target website. This helps in faster browsing speeds as retrieving the information from the proxy’s cache takes much less time than trying to get it directly from the website. The target website is only visited if and when the requested file does not exist in the proxy’s cache.
Public proxies also help you get access to certain websites that are restricted. Sometimes you could find that you are banned from accessing certain websites purely because of some geographical restrictions. When you try to access these restricted websites through your proxy server, your IP address and country of origin remains hidden. Public proxies circumvent these restrictions and forward the requested information to you in record time.
While proxies offer you faster browsing speeds and access to sites that you would normally be restricted from visiting, they are not concerned with any privacy issues. There is no special attempt to keep your IP address hidden. With your IP address visible to one and all, you could still find yourself vulnerable to spam and other internet related problems.
Anonymous proxy, on the other hand are public proxy servers that are specially designed to give you increased internet speed and access to restricted websites as well as to conceal your IP address and give you complete privacy while surfing the net.
Anonymous proxy servers surf the web on your behalf. They process your request and communicate with the target website using their own IP address. So your IP address stays well hidden and away from the prying eyes of website administrators, who are not even aware that their site is being visited on behalf of another person. Anonymous proxy servers are very useful when you want to cover your tracks when using web chat rooms and forums.
Accessing the internet through an anonymous proxy server offers you many advantages. With your IP address unknown to anybody, there are no chances of anybody tracking your browsing habits and having access to your personal information. Also it prevents your inbox from being jammed with spam and junk e-mails from advertisers who are trying to promote their websites.
While junk e-mail and spam may seem like mere annoyances, more serious problems could occur if your IP address is revealed to hackers who could hack into your system and get access to all your personal information including bank details and your personal social security number.
Using anonymous surfing could well be the solution to all your internet- related privacy and security problems.

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